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The authoritative magazine of the history of engine-powered vessels and the legacy of man's journey on the world's seas and waterways.

In this issue:

  • 'Mini Liners' of the 1930s
  • Alcoa's Combination Liners
  • The Ferry Binghamton: 1905-2017
  • Preana: One of Australia's Oldest Steam Vessels
  • Ship Research, Part 3: Flags at Sea & Funnel Marks



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SS Independence/SS Constitution
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Funding for the SSHSA educational outreach program is made possible in part by a grant from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities (an independent affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities), the National Maritime Heritage Grant Program, and the Heritage Harbor Foundation.

Captains' Circle

As a member of the Captains' Circle, you'll join with peers who share your interest in the history and culture of fine vessels.  Captains' Circle members enjoy special benefits and recognition opportunities. 

Why Captains' Circle?

Just as a ship needs a captain, SSHSA needs members to provide crucial support that will help our ship navigate through our recapitalization effort to bring fiscal equilibrium to the Society. Through membership contributions, Captains' Circle members establish leadership in supporting SSHSA.

To read about the benefits and opportunities for special recognition as part of Captains' Circle membership, please click here to view our invitational brochure.

Free classic issue of PowerShips or Steamboat Bill

Captains' Circle members will receive their choice of one free issue from our PowerShips and Steamboat Bill archives (click here for an index of the magazine from 1940-2012). Simply print an order form by clicking here and either mail it to SSHSA, 2500 Post Road, Warwick, RI 02886, or submit it online by emailing blucier@sshsa.org.

Members may select from the following available issues:

Steamboat Bill
Issues 102-105, 112, 116, 126-129, 133-148, 150-152, 154-224, 226-259, 261-272

Issues 292-298 (Reprints may be available for out-of-stock issues. Email blucier@sshsa.org for more information.)

2016 Captains' Circle Members

Commodore $500

Mr. Charles T. Andrews
Mr. Preston B. Baker
Mr. William W. Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Eberle
Mr. and Mrs. William Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Ferguson
Mr. Robert J. Golden
Mr. John B. Henry
Mr. Neil E. Jones
Mr. Murray Kilgour
Mr. H.F. Lenfest
Mr. John Mahoney
Mr. Ralph S. McCrea
Mr. William M. McLin & Mr. Samuel J. McKeon
Dr. Laurence Miller
Mr. Scott G. Huston
Mr. Richard Palmer
CAPT & Mrs. Roland R. Parent
Ms. Mary L. Payne
Mr. Donald Pomplun
Mr. Richard Rabbett
Mr. Thomas C. Ragan
Mr. Thomas Reed
Mr. Harry E. Richter
Mr. Erik Ryan
Mr. William A. Schell
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Shuttleworth
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Smith
Mr. Cesare Sorio
Mr. Kent Strobel
Mr. Douglas A. Tilden
CAPT and Mrs. Terry Tilton, USN (Ret.)
Mr. G. Thomas Tranter
Mr. Terence Turner
CAPT Robert F. Wasson, Jr.
Mr. Peregrine White

Commander $300

Mr. Alan Abramson
Mr. David Bomhof
The Rev. James Brandmueller
Mr. Odd A. Brevik
CAPT Gene M. Cameron
Mr. Gabriel Caprio
Mr. Stanley J. Ciaputa
Mr. Patrick Dacey
CAPT Robertson Dinsmore
Dr. Clive Dudley, D.D.
Mr. Paul Eberst
Mr. John F. Gibson, III
CAPT Kenneth M. Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn P. Hayes
Mr. Carl R. Nold
Mr. Francis Lazar
CAPT Leif Lindstrom
Mr. Laurence P. MacDonald
CAPT Warren McDonald, USCGR, (Ret.)
CAPT Dave Pickering
Mr. Roy C. Rose
Mr. William M. Rosen
Mr. Paul Shepard
Mr. Donn R. Spear
CAPT John S. Tucker

Mariner $200

Mr. Joseph Bains
Mr. Thomas Barrett
Mr. Richard L. Barwis, IV
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Bellafiore
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Bieser
Mr. Ted Blank
Mr. A. Pierce Bounds
Mr. Peter Brix
Mr. J.O. Busto
Mr. Conrad Breit
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Caldera
Dr. George Callard
Mr. Kenneth Carley
CAPT Gerard P. Carroll
CAPT Michael Cicalese
Mr. David P. Clarendon
Mr. Charles W. Clarke
Mr. William Comings
CAPT John M. Cox
Mr. John J. Crowley, Jr.
Mr. Donald Deckebach
Mr. Antone DeGerlia
Mr. Steven Draper
Mr. Andrew W. Edmonds
Mr. Andrew Edmonds
Mr. Jonathan Ely
Mr. Elmer Engman
Mr. Bruce Estell
Mr. Raymond Fredette
Mr. Larry Glenwright
Mr. Paul S. Gravenhorst
Mr. Robert A. Haslun
Mr. Alexander G. Hedin
Mr. Albert R. Hinckley, Jr.
Mr. Buell Hollister
Mr. Cyrus Hosmer, III
Mr. Harold Kaplan
Mr. Timothy J. Kelly
Mr. Nicholas Langhart
Mr. Stephen Lash
Mr. Thomas Lavin
Mr. Reginald Lewington
Mr. Michael Lewis
Ms. Susan Linda
Mr. Adrian Loughborough
Mr. Joe MacArthur
Mr. Jeff MacKlin
Mr. Gary Maehl
Mr. James P. Martin
CAPT Brian McAllister
Mr. David McColloch
Mr. Daniel L. McCoy
CAPT Ronald J. Meiczinger
Mr. Harry Meyer
Mr. Charles A. Miller, III
Mrs. Joanie Morgan
Mr. William Muller
Mr. Brian L. Norden
Mr. Kevin O'Donnell
Mr. Oscar  J. Olson, Jr.
Oregon Maritime Museum
Mr. Ronald Oswald
Mr. Hollis S. Paige
Mr. Art Peabody
Mr. Mark B. Perry
Mr. David L. Powers, Jr.
Rev. Brian Rafferty
Mr. Clarence Rahn
Mr. W. Bruce Redpath
Mr. William Reid
Mr. Brucce Rowe
Dr. Victor H. Rubino
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Schulte
Mr. John W. Schumann
Mr. Bruce C. Seibel
Mr. Walter A. Shields
Mr. Britton Smith
Mr. Shapleigh Smith
Mr. Mark Snider
Mr. Matthew Lawrence
Mr. Alexander Swavy
Mr. Richard Vanaria
Mr. Stephen Weaver
Mr. Eric Wiberg
Mr. Gregory Williams


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