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Welcome to the Steamship Historical Society of America's Titanic Resource Center.  On April 14, 1912, the world witnessed the sinking of an "unsinkable" ship on her maiden voyage.  After striking an iceberg in the North Atlantic, despite numerous warnings of an ice field ahead, the Titanic went down in two hours and forty minutes time with a staggering loss of over 1,500 lives.  Adding to the horror came the realization that the vessel was inadequately equipped for such a disaster, with less than half the amount of lifeboats needed to accomodate all of her passengers, leaving many to perish in the frigid waters of the Atlantic. 

Ultimately, the Titanic Resource Center looks to encourage curiosity about one of world's most famous shipwrecks, while promoting discussion about the maritime disaster and a period of time during the early 20th century when the sea served as a conduit for great engineering feats, new types of communication, and economic and social opportunities.

(*Above right-Titanic, SSHSA Archives Postcard Collection)       

Table of Contents

Feature Articles: "Saving the Titanic," "Radio's Role," and "The Final Board of Inquiry"
Highlights from SSHSA White Star Line Collections
Steamboat Bill Collector's Set - Titanic 
Steamboat Bill Collector's Set - White Star Line
Steamboat Bill Book Reviews
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Feature Articles

Click to Read: "The Final Board of Inquiry: The Cold Case Investigation Into 'The Loss of the Steamship Titanic,'" by CDR Richard Paton. An excerpt of this article will also appear in the spring issue of PowerShips.

Click to Read: "Saving the Titanic: Could Damage Control have Prevented the Sinking?" by Joseph M. Greeley

Click to Read: "Radio's Role in the Titanic Disaster" by CDR Richard Paton, published in the April 2012 issue of QST magazine.

(Above: White Star Line Luggage Sticker, Anthony R. Conyers Collection)

Highlights from SSHSA White Star Line Collections

The tragic tale of the Titanic and her passengers' demise have been portrayed in film and been the subject of songs and countless stories in print.  So perhaps it isn't all that surprising that SSHSA has numerous files on the White Star Line, Titanic's parent company.  Many of the items in SSHSA's collections were picked up by the donors themselves during travels aboard steamships all over the world.  To find out more, click here.


(*Right-White Star Line booklet, SSHSA Archives)

Steamboat Bill Collector's Set - Titanic

As part of our recognition of the 100th anniversary of Titanic's sinking, we are offering a Collector's Set of Steamboat Bill issues with intriguing articles on the Titanic.  Dating back to 1972, thirteen years before Robert Ballard discovered her final resting place, these articles provide many viewpoints and stir up discussion on several aspects of this tragedy that has captivated the world for a century.

The set includes the following:

*Spring 1972, #121 - "Was Titanic Unsafe At Any Speed?" by Colin Carmichael
Spring 1981, #157 - "Search for Titanic" by Jack Shaum
Spring 1994, #209 - "Wireless and the Ships at Sea" by Henry G. Pettitt
Spring 2001, #237 - "Titanic-From a Different Angle" by Edwin L. Dunbaugh
*Winter 2006, #260 - "The Early Days of Wireless at Sea" by Louis C. Kleber
(*Issues are printed scans due to short supply)

Click here to purchase this set or call our office at (401) 463-3570.

(*Above Right-Titanic Cover of Steamboat Bill #237)

Steamboat Bill Collector's Set - White Star Line     

For those interested in not only the Titanic but also the White Star Line, we are offering a Steamboat Bill Collector's Set with three issues that contain articles on the infamous line that produced the doomed vessel.

The set includes the following:

Winter 1958, #68 - "The North Atlantic in the 1870s" by N.R.P. Bonsor
Winter 1962, #84 - "Fifty Years Ago on the North Atlantic" by Charles McCombs
Spring 1967, #101 - "Britannic - The Queen That Never Reigned" by John H. Shaum, Jr.

Click here to purchase this set or call our office at (401) 463-3570.

(*Right-Cover of Steamboat Bill, #84)

Steamboat Bill Book Reviews of Titanic Literature

The following is a list of Titanic-related literature that has been reviewed in past Steamboat Bill issues:

"The Titanic and the Californian Steamboat Bill #124, Winter 1972
"A Titanic Hero" and "The Truth About the TitanicSteamboat Bill #127, Fall 1973
"The Loss of the S.S. Titanic" Steamboat Bill #129, Spring 1974
"The Titanic, the Psychic and the Sea" Steamboat Bill #163, Fall 1982
"Beyond Reach:  The Search for the Titanic" Steamboat Bill #170, Summer 1984
"The Night Lives On:  New Thoughts, Theories and Revelations about the Titanic" Steamboat Bill #184, Winter 1987
"The Titanic and Her Era" Steamboat Bill #184, Winter 1987
"Titanic:  Triumph and Tragedy" Steamboat Bill #184, Winter 1987
"Titanic:  The Tragedy That Became a Legend" Steamboat Bill #185, Spring 1988
"Titanic.  Destination Disaster" Steamboat Bill # 187, Fall 1988
"A Titanic Myth:  The Californian Incident" Steamboat Bill #187, Fall 1988
"RMS Titanic" and "Titanic Revisited" Steamboat Bill #189, Spring 1989
"Titanic.  A Survivor's Story" Steamboat Bill #191, Fall 1989
"Exploring the Titanic" Steamboat Bill #193, Spring 1990
"Titanic:  An Illustrated History" Steamboat Bill #207, Fall 1993
"Eastland:  Legacy of the Titanic" Steamboat Bill #218, Summer 1996
"Titanic.  Signals of Disaster" Steamboat Bill #220, Winter 1996
"Titanic" Steamboat Bill #234, Summer 2000
"Titanic Legacy:  Disaster as Media Event and Myth" Steamboat Bill #244, Winter 2002
"Pig on the Titanic:  A True Story" Steamboat Bill #267, Fall 2008
"The Other Side of the Night:  The Carpathia, the Californian and the Night the Titanic Was Lost" Steamboat Bill #270, Summer 2009
"The Deep Voyages to Titanic and Beyond" Steamboat Bill #271, Fall 2009
"The Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters" Steamboat Bill # 272, Winter 2009

(*Above right- Titanic, SSHSA Archives)

SSHSA's Image Porthole

During this time of rememberance, it is important to also keep in mind the lost souls of other doomed passenger liners.  SSHSA's Image Porthole contains images of such vessels, such as the Andrea Doria.  The following is a sampling of these images.  Visit our Image Porthole to search for more photos.  Don't forget to login to access your special member features! 

Other doomed liners:
Andrea Doria
Morro Castle

Other White Star Liners:

(*Above right-Luggage Tag, Anthony R. Conyers Collection)




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